A creative, motivated, and dedicated team who are empowered to grow & help small businesses flourish

We deliver comprehensive solutions and high-level strategy and can serve as your entire marketing department or supplement the one you already have.

Rooted in passion with expertise in all areas of marketing, we are here to make small businesses gain more brand awareness and increase revenue through marketing, advertising, and design.

// our purpose

It is our mission to help small businesses create and maintain a strong community + cohesive presence that drives revenue.

A small but mighty core team of sisters, built from passion for helping small businesses stand out, we understand that each business has a story to tell + goals to achieve and we’re here to help amplify the voices!  

// our mission

Highly motivated by helping small businesses stand out by using their expertise of print and digital marketing strategy & tactics; it quickly became evident that Alyssa was no longer chasing her dream, but living it. 

Graduate from the University of Northern Iowa, Alyssa always had a passion for community building, connection, design, and sharing her favorite brands. In 2018, Alyssa left her City job and started Sprout Impressions, later known as Sisters Marketing + Co, and now known as Cedar & Salt Marketing Co.

Cedar & Salt Marketing Co is the result of hard work, passion, the love for small businesses and connecting one another.

Our story

Driven by purpose, Alyssa understands that family, entrepreneurship, and motherhood go hand in hand. Knowing that mompreneurs make incredible role models, Alyssa works to show their kiddos that anything is possible when you choose to break the mold. 

Through quality connections, Alyssa loves to make her clients feel like family, and so that each business is truly an extension of hers.  

Alyssa is also the owner of Cedar Rapids Moms — a leading parenting resource.

5+ years ago, Alyssa left her "9-5pm" with two littles at home, and a husband who showed endless support of her dreams.

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Our promise at Cedar & Salt Marketing Co. is that we will strive to ensure our clients feel like family and that we are here to grow alongside them, as well as our team.

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