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– Social Media Engagement Growth
– Email List // Subscriber Growth

Our Community Growth Intensive services include:

Community is king online and the bigger your community, the faster your brand awareness will grow. We want your business to have a strong following on social media, a growing email list, and a lot of word of mouth marketing working in your favor online. 

We work on engaging with your audience and your community through organic conversation and tactics in order to grow your community outside of your current fans. We are skill community growers and are ready to help you bust through the growth plateau you may be facing.

Community Growth Intensive 

Alyssa is the type of expert that you love to turn to for help. I trust that her ideas and guidance will be a huge benefit to my company. She has a gift and a knack for creating greatness in seemingly simple ways. I rely on her judgment and experience, daily-and I know she will steer me right. When I need Alyssa's help, she either reaches out to me first or is anticipating my question. It's amazing how vast her experience is, and the amount of help she is able to give me. When we started working together, I gained confidence in an area that I had no knowledge or experience in before. I was basically doing the doggy paddle in the ocean. It's exciting and reassuring to have her ability, genuine concern, and talent in my court. 

meredith  //  sweet slumber

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