– Advertising Strategy
– Ad Account Setup
– Facebook Pixel Installation
– Visual Ad Creation
– Targeting and Bidding
– Ongoing Management
– Reporting

Our Social Media Advertising services include:

The key rule in marketing is you should spend your advertising dollars where your target audience is spending their time. It is almost guaranteed that your audience is spending at least one hour of their day scrolling through social media. If your content isn’t showing up on their feeds, it’s likely they won’t know about you.

Whether you’re looking to get more brand awareness in your area, wanting more clicks to your website, needing appointments booked with you, or getting people to purchase something from you; we can make it happen.

Social Media Advertising

“ Working in the restaurant industry, there are never
enough hours in the day. It’s a tough business known for stretching people thin. However, Alyssa helps me put a few
extra hours back in all my days. Knowing our social media
accounts are managed effectively, professionally, and timely
is a huge weight off my shoulders. Not only does she help
get me away from the desk and onto the restaurant floor
with our staff and customers, but she helps us connect
with our guests in ways I couldn’t have accomplished on
my own. Alyssa has become part of our team, like family,
and I strongly encourage anyone in any type of business to
consider how she may be able to help your company, also. ”

john  //  mandarin spice asian grill

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