– Branded + curated content
– Caption copywriting
– Strategic Planning
– Hassle-Free Scheduling
– Community Engagement
– Monthly Reporting

Our social media management services include:

The key rule in marketing is you should spend your advertising dollars where your target audience is spending their time. It is almost guaranteed that your audience is spending at least one hour of their day scrolling through social media. If your content isn’t showing up on their feeds, it’s likely they won’t know about you.

Whether you’re looking to get more brand awareness in your area, wanting more clicks to your website, needing appointments booked with you, or getting people to purchase something from you; we can make it happen.

Social Media Management

After researching over 100 marketing agencies and speaking to over 30 of them, Cedar & Salt Marketing Company was heads above the others. From the beginning of our call, I knew they were right for my company. The quality of service we have received is unparalleled to all others in just about every industry. 
Highly recommend this agency....

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